Bahrain Lube Base
Oil Company (BLBOC)

Year of Establishment



27.5% nogaholding
27.5% Bapco
45% Neste Oil, Finland


Group III Very High Viscosity Index (VHVI) Lubricant Base Oils


400,000 MTPY


ISO 9001 QMS, ISO 14001 EMS, ISO 18001 OHSAS, ISO 22301 BCM EMS (Operational Excellence Management System designed to PAS 99)


Lube Base Oils

  • Bapco operates and maintains the Lube Base Oil Plant at Sitra on behalf of the Bahrain Lube Base Oil Company (BLBOC) joint venture
  • Neste used to lift and market all BLBOC products, however, from early Q4 2018, each shareholder has commenced marketing and selling its own equity share of product. Bapco markets Bahrain share with its registered brand BAPbase® that is now in the market.

Finished Lubricants

  • Bapco’s Finished Lubricants product range, officially launched in December 2014, uses BAPbase® base oils in some of its formulations
  • Bapco’s domestic lubricant sales doubled over the last couple of years. A range of industrial lubricants, especially Turbine Oils and Industrial Gear Oils, are being developed for use at Refineries
  • The domestic and export business continues to expand, with new customers and distributors in other GCC countries, as well as internationally


nogaholding 2017 Annual Report | Portfolio | BLBOC

2017 in Numbers

643.06Metric Tonnes

Feedstock Cost

357,958Metric Tonnes

Total Lube Base Oil Lifted